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“Musica est exercitium arithmeticae occultum nescientis se numerare animi.” —Leibniz

I enjoy singing and play piano and guitar sometimes, but I prefer composing, arranging, and recording music to performing. Someday I'll finish that sorting algorithm album…

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  • 1 — Neuraminidase (original)
    A song based on the neuraminidase enzyme found in the influenza virus! The protein sequence of the enzyme was converted into notes and played in order (with some creative repetition). Thanks to my friend Purab for the idea.
  • 2 — Waving Through a Window (cover)
    Cover of “Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hansen.
  • 3 — The Sound of Walking Away (piano cover)
    Cover of Illenium’s “The Sound of Walking Away,” with me on vocals and my brother, Andrew, on piano.
  • 4 — Bogo (preview)
    It might take a million days…but I will try a trillion ways to reach you.
  • 5 — Expansion (original)
    Original song inspired by the Big Bang. The ambient white noise and the riser are both created from the sound of the cosmic background radiation left over from the Big Bang (© John G. Cramer - 2013)!
  • 6 — The Diva Dance (cover)
    Singing high notes is fun! Although some sections had to be pitch-shifted a third up and others are made of a patchwork of many, many separate takes.
  • 7 — O Holy Night (electronic cover)
    An electronic-dance-ish cover of a non-electronic-dance-ish song. Arrangement based on Celtic Woman’s version.
  • 8 — Decoy World (piano cover)
    A cover of INTERCOM’s “Decoy World,” with me on vocals and my brother, Andrew, on piano.

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